Love of Avery Kind Maui Mana Retreats presents:

Journey into Consciousness, Trance in the Tropics

Feb 27 – Mar 5

🏝️ 7 nights in Wailea/Makena Maui (with accommodation options below). Workshop Cost is $2333 and includes: all ground transportation,  Spiritual Program, tutoring, and meals.


🏝️ AFC tutor Andrej Djordivitch, Hawaiian mystic Alalani Hill, and Nicole Newman will be your guides upon this mystical journey week. 

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What You'll Experience:

🏝️ Deep Rooted ‘Coming Home’ Grounding of Your Spirit in your body, as we enlist Hawaiian Spiritual Principles to connect to Self & Mother Earth around us in the powerful Mana Energy on Maui.


🏝️ Connection to Source, your own Spirit Team, as well as ancestors in Spirit.


🏝️ Hawaiian Spiritual Practice & Ceremony, invoking Ancestral Healing & Connection.


🏝️ Exploring Pure Consciousness / Universal Consciousness & a deep connection to our Energy Body / Spirit in ways that expand our awareness, inner knowing & ability to manifest our deepest desires.


🏝️ Tour to sacred spots on Maui with Nicole, Todd & Alalani as we delve into the Mana that is so abundant for us to absorb & be nourished by.


🏝️ Excellent food, music and environment.


🏝️ Ocean front Plantation House as our Retreat Workshop base for the week and where many of the trance journeys will take place.


🏝️ Channel your inner Spirit, your own guidance & spirit team, as well as Pure Consciousness, accessing information, inspiration & healing that brings us into the true creative force that is our heritage.


🏝️ Meet new friends & connect with like minds.


🏝️ Empower yourself in a way that you may not have done for a long time. You deserve this!

🏝️ Warm weather, mystical vibes, healing energy & soul kindness.


🏝️ Make Maui your home for a week and experience the wholeness of you that emerges from this transformational trip.

Our Retreat begins with Hawaiian traditions & ceremonies.

Alalani Hill, Hawaiian Healer is our Hawaiian Spirit Guide for the week. Kahu Alalani of Hawaiian Ceremonies offers Blessings to all. Enjoy her mystical connection to the land as we embark on our Hawaiian Spirit Adventure with Alalani.

Explore sacred spots on the island with Alalani bringing Hawaiian cultural wisdom & blessings to the experience, showing you special ways the Hawaiian spiritual leaders access Consciousness & Spirit to create harmony in their lives & island.

Some activities include walking, light hiking, temple of peace spiritual service experience, drum circle at beach, Hawaiian Spirit Artist tour & experience, Spiritual temple tour, Sacred Garden & more. Throughout our excursions, spirit will join us for mystical experiences, and sacred work.

Trance Workshop with Andrej

will include deepening your connection to your higher self, universal consciousness and your own guidance. This workshop will bring us into deep experiences where we can create healing, speak from our guidance & manifest our hearts’ desire naturally, through the stream of creative consciousness we work with and within. These workshops are spirit led and will be specific to the group that attends. Andrej has decades of experience leading people into incredible states of awareness to encourage healing, deep understanding of our place in the universe and initiation into higher aspects of ourselves that prove to be incredibly satisfying in many ways.

Andrej is a Trance Medium and Transformational Spiritual Life Coach. He is a Tutor and Course Organiser at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England. His speciality is demonstrating and teaching Trance and working with altered states of consciousness.

Trance is a natural state of mind that allows you to share a portion of your mind with the intelligence of the Universe.

Andrej often teaches in an altered state of consciousness, and allows the intelligence he calls Michael, to assess the needs of his students, and to provide energy, support, and direction, which will enable students to grow and expand in the way that is unique to them.

“Your uniqueness is your strength not your weakness.”
Trance Medium and Transformational Spiritual Life Coach

Andrej will teach the trance part of this retreat over the span of 5 days.

Kazemaru, Hawaiian Trance Medium from the Big Island of Hawaii will be with us on this special Trance Week and offers us  talk story about gifts of spirit and wisdom shared by Hawaiian elders and spirits, including the real practice of Ho’oponopono. Will also share a Hula and spirit connection ...pic attached woman on beach is kazemaru. 

Maui born Medium,  Leilani will also share her special mediumship with us and offer her unique perspectives. 

The Hawaiian Spiritual Mana throughout this week will be incredibly grounding, liberating and give you a sense of re-uniting with your true self.  The healing essence on Maui is palpable and has the potential for true transformation.  

As a side bar on decision making skills I feel I have mastered over the years, If you are wondering if you should come, spend the money and commit to this very social, spiritual,  fun filled week, ...ask your self, ' will I regret going? ' Surely your answer is clear.  And then ask yourself, "  if I don't go, will I wish I had and know I missed something I would have loved?" ...your answer should  also be clear...  now the only question is, do you honor the self and it's desires?  Do you instead hold back and reason it away, finding excuses and reasons why you don't follow your heart? Do you believe the mind is correct over the heart?   Money is always a factor and we have done our best to keep the actual retreat cost down and include everything possible so there is no additional sticker shock and expenditures. Payment plans can be easier to manage.  The accom options that are inexpensive for maui are fine and you will not be hanging around the condo much regardless as the intinery is quite full. Everything is waterfront.  You are also free to find your own accom but there are no refunds on the retreat registration fee of $2333. So please be sure you book something asap as the town fills fast.  You can also contact me about questions and accom. ideas etc. Sometimes there are cheaper places back away from the beach a bit and you are welcome to book something else.  We only wanted to offer ocean front locations for this retreat but there are plenty of other options in kihei. 

Nicole from Love of Avery Kind is your host.

She & her husband Todd will take care of your trip, details, transportation, meals, and tutors. You will experience plenty of fun, laughter, spiritual synchronicities, education & more. This week will be unforgettable, warm, social, eventful and inspiring! It will be a chance to experience Maui in a new and unique way with like minds, great conversation, education, unfolding & expert tutoring.

In-Person Event

$2333 USD

7 nights in Wailea / Makena Maui with accommodations below.

Includes all ground transportation, Spiritual Program, tutoring, and meals

Journey into Consciousness, Trance in the Tropics

7 nights in Wailea/Makena Maui


Accommodations are not all at the site where the trance workshop will take place. Reason for this is we want a quiet, tranquil, spiritually charged spot to hold the workshop, and don’t want the hustle and bustle of condos & resorts etc., for the trance portion. So we will have shuttles picking everyone up in the morning to bring you to the days events, be it an outing or a workshop day at the Ocean Front Plantation House in Makena. The retreat will be packed full of amazing experiences, but we will schedule in some relaxation time throughout so you can enjoy your space and environment on your own or with friends.


**If at any time you prefer to sit out an excursion or activity you are welcome to do so and we will make arrangements.


Accommodation Options include all taxes and fees. The Accomodation tax in Maui is high so to avoid sticker shock on check out, the prices below are inclusive of all taxes and fees (final price):

Wailea Beach Villa

Star Child

Best level of Accommodation, very close to the beach, single room in a large luxury house with a King or Queen bed and ensuite: $588/night. Wailea Beach Villas is one of the top spots on Maui.


** You may choose to share this room with a friend in the retreat, but please note the king does not convert to two twins.  Instead there is a foam futon for the second person. This accommodation has a spa, pools, gym & more. It is a 5-bedroom 3900 sq. foot ocean side suite.

3900 sq foot condo in Wailea Beach Villas. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, one of top accommodation options in Maui & in this offering. 

Soul Being

This accommodation is a bit further from beach (but still walkable) and is not the highest level but very nice. A king room is $450 per night. It is possible to share this room and bed with a friend in the retreat – just let me know. This is in a suite with a couple of other people but you will have your own bathroom. There may not be room for a cot/mattress in the room if you wish to add a friend or it might be a bit tight if we add the second bed in the room. 

Soul Star

Private Queen Room in South Kihei a short walk to beach. In a two bedroom two bath suite. $275/night

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo, a walk from the beach in South Kihei. Very affordable and nice.  Close to shops, restaurants and amenities as well as beach. Queen room $250.  Twin bed in shared room is $130.

Luxury Condos

a ten min. walk to beach: (Shared Rooms)

Spirit Guide 1

This is a bed in a shared room with one other person. Your bed will be twin or queen and the accommodation is very nice but a bit of a walk from the beach. Shared room costs is $233/night.


Limited availability.

Spirit Guide 2

A bed in a shared room, within a suite, close to the beach and a wonderful resort. $267/night.

Soul Friend

This accommodation is a pull out sofa bed or portable bed in a semi private but common area of the condos. It is comfortable but not in an actual bedroom and is for one person: $200/night.

South Kiehi Condo: Soul Mate

Twin bed in a shared room with another person also having a twin bed in the room $130/night .  This is in South Kihei and a short walk to beach in a two bedroom two bathroom condo.


The suites will all be close to the workshop house in Wailea/Makena area and amenities. Food supplies and snacks stocked upon arrival. Feel free to inquire for more info, pics and specifics as Nicole is available by email at

Looking for accommodation anytime in Maui? Contact Nicole at

I have a large one bedroom suite a block from the beach in Kihei. Private salt water pool and all amenities. Car available to rent with suite. One week minimum. Contact me with dates.

Journey into Consciousness, Trance in the Tropics