Mystical Medium with Tony Stockwell Jan 23 11am-3pm pst

This workshop brings in our unique mystical magic as we weave it through the tapestry of our work as Mediums. Soul to Soul work unfolds as we allow this wonderful aspect of ourselves to expand.

Price: $ 75.00
• Building Your Energy & awareness diligently so that you may deliver your very best mediumship for each individual scenario and sitter. • Access Your inner Mystic in a way to bring flow & your unique energy to the reading, Opening to information that is truly uplifting, encouraging & inspiring • . Expanding on ways we can create a strong link, flow of energy, build your power, looking at ways to improve this aspect, bringing in the essence of the communicator strongly and opening the space for true miracles to occur. • In this class we look at the ways we work and how we can build a stronger bridge into the spirit world while working in a variety of conditions and ways. • Mastering our Mediumship Ability is a lifelong process but with the right approach, intention and preparation we can know we have done our best for each situation. • Develop your own awareness to delve into unique aspects of the sitters soul & own mystical path, creating soul to soul blending and experience
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Nicole is a psychic, medium and energy healer. 

Nicole Newman, Love of Avery Kind