Psychic Mastery, Path of the Mystic Feb 6 11am-3pm PST

Tony leads us through the vast world of psychic mastery as it intertwines in our work, creating the foundation and strength in so many ways.  This awareness grows and flows as we allow ourselves to unfold the magic

Price: $ 75.00
• Accessing multiple streams of information using your psychic awareness & professionalism as a reader • Knowing how to work seamlessly between psychic and mediumship, as well as other modalities of the work that create a unique & power within the reading, offering access to more & more information as you build on this strength • Developing your own entry methods into the psychic information in a quick & thorough approach & learning to recognize how to build on certain information • Noticing where the power is stronger & following the natural flow of the reading to bring true healing and inspiration to the client in a way that truly touches their soul. • Trusting your Soul’s psychic nature and allowing the flow or channelling of psychic information to roll off your tongue as you serve the client in the ways most needed.
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Nicole is a psychic, medium and energy healer. 

Nicole Newman, Love of Avery Kind