Tony Stockwell:
Call of the Divine- Celebrate Spirit
December 13th 11am - 3pm PT
$75 USD

With honor & integrity, we :
  • connect to the highest power possible
  • surrender to your own divinity & guidance
  • celebrate our unique spiritual nature together
  • bring peace, guidance & healing to yourself & those you serve
  • bring guidance & healing from the divine connections available, transforming your client & self as you work
  • finish this year on a high note as you make true, lasting connections to your divine calling
Price: $ 75.00
Focusing on the Divine Presence in our work, our ability to connect and blend ourselves, our sitters and the environment into empowering higher power we can access. Creating uplifting, healing and incredible spirit presence with our work and abilities, leaning into the Divine for all we can be for ourselves, the Spirit world and our clients.
$ 0.00

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Nicole is a psychic, medium and energy healer. 

Nicole Newman, Love of Avery Kind