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Psychic, Mediumship & Healing School


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Manifesting Destiny, Expanding Awareness, Healing & Becoming

Our focus is the whole human, our unseen world & evolution….to bring you things that can help with your own journey in life, your expanding awareness & development. Offerings that are meaningful, practical & effective. We believe that much of our existence is ‘outside of the physical form, and that our interaction with more of ‘US’ and more ‘ Energy and souls around us’ is helpful to a more fulfilled, healed and productive path. That this knowledge, practice & understanding, greatly improves our physical life. And we strive to have fun!

Meet Nicole

Nicole is a natural medium however entered into Professional Mediumship later in life. Her need to improve and understand the skill so she could continue her relationship with one of her sons that passed away in 2013, brought her to train extensively with the worlds’ best Mediumship tutors.

She then began working with other people who have lost loved ones, to aid in the healing that can and should take place after loss.

Nicole loves the healing that occurs when people make ‘real contact’ with their loved ones and is committed to helping others thru afterlife contact, increased self awareness & development.

Our evolution is always a priority & our practices a balancing factor in our lives.

The training to pursue your natural gifts is exciting, empowering & fun. The pursuit of Psychic Mediumship encourages us to know ourselves much better. It is a passion, lifestyle & incredible gift, that enhances your life in many ways. Truly a blessing for you to discover.

Kind words from some of my amazing clients


Ready for your reading?

Book a reading / healing  with Nicole Newman to focus on what is most important to you at this time for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Nicole offers individual sessions,  group sessions, demonstrations in person, outside, and online. Experience healing, insight, and a connection to Spirit that will enrich your day….and perhaps your life!