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readings with Nicole by appt. : info@loveofaverykind.com


What to expect in a Reading with Nicole

Nicole  can connect well to your own energy and  soul self.  Her abilities to bring you what is most helpful to you at this time,  will be utilized n your reading.  You may receive confirmation, guidance and also attributes of your self that can be accessed now for a more fullfilling  life experience.   The reading will unfold in a way that will empower you  and give you tools to work with in the future. 

If you would like mediumship in your reading, Nicole will connect to loved ones of yours that are now in Spirit and bring you evidence of their continued existence as well as how they are active in your life now. 

A combined Soul to Soul reading, with some Mediumship  is also an option.  

Nicole is a natural medium  however entered into  Professional Mediumship later in life .  Her need to improve and understand the skill so she could continue her relationship with one of her sons that passed away  in 2013 , brought her to train extensively with the worlds' best Mediumship tutors.    She then began working with other people who have lost loved ones, to aid in the healing that can and should take place after loss.   Nicole loves the healing that occurs when people make 'real contact' with their loved ones and is commited to helping others thru afterlife contact. .  



weekly yoga schedule, drop in available


trance circle with theda phoenix and nicole newman

Journey into your Consciousness


Theda Phoenix is a sacred sound channel, intuitive singer, songwriter and recording artist whose enchanting voice, shamanic sound healing music and soul inspiring lyrics touch people deeply, catalyzing wellness and life transformation.

She leads sound healing events using her powerful voice along with Crystal Singing Bowls, Drum, Harp, and Guitar, to guide people through meditation, yoga and wellness. She has performed at public and private events and conferences with international speakers who have included Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Dispenza and recently the InGoopHealth Summit in Vancouver.

Her music inspires a deep connection to the heart and spirituality of the human experience, reminding listeners of the power of gratitude and their own inner guidance and connection with source energy.  www.ThedaPhoenix.com


Aloha, Theda 

New CD Legacy... http://thedaphoenix.bandcamp.com

Music to inspire,  http://Thedaphoenix.com

What to Expect

A unique and inspiring evening, journeying inward and grounding deeply into the truth of your being.  Lay back and enjoy the experience of this guided mystical sound bath.

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upcoming workshop with sara smith

Sara's roots originates from the eastern teachings of auyruveda. Her foundation is built on service , kindness and daily practice of meditation. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Sara works with a powerful team of Angel's,guides and masters  in her channelled readings and energy healing sessions.Through meditation , Ancessterol Clearing,and Chakra alignment, she awaken the healer within you! So you can create the life of your sacred dreams,   Join us for a day of raising your vibration ,clearing energy centers and standing in your power!!!!


Healing Course with Dr. Sharon Forrest

May 26 9:30- 6 pm

Come for an exciting and spiritual healing journey and discovery course.  Contact Sharon by email for more info . Contact Dr. Sharon Forrest directly to register at healnowitstime@gmail.com

or call 604-239-HEAL (4325).  


yoga Tuesday thru thursday

We are so happy to have Jade teaching Yoga ! Please join one of her amazing classes.

  Jade is an accomplished Yoga Teacher with many specialties  which include Ayurvedic Instructor Training , Yoga Nidra and Fitness and Alignment training .  She teaches Barre as well.  You may have already met Jade if you've taken Yoga at local studios  Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness or Oxygen Yoga and Fitness. She is teaching 18 classes per week at Love of Avery Kind and we hope you will include some in your overall wellness practice.  Body, Mind, Spirit....it takes a balanced approach to live your best life !

Jade moved from the UK in 2004 to raise her family here in beautiful British Columbia and has been a practicing Yogi for ten years. After her first experience with hot yoga at a White Rock studio in 2009, she became enamored with the practice and subsequently broadened her experience; she completed Yoga Teacher Training and has also taken Ayurvedic Instructor Training, Yoga Nidra and Fitness and Alignment workshops, all of which have given her an extensive knowledge base. She expertly draws on all of this in her teaching style, and she also teaches Barre. She is trained in the Yoga for Trauma training and will offer this here as well.

 Her passion is serving the community in offering yoga to all ages and so is making her presence here at Love of Avery Kind available in evenings and mornings to empower and enable you, to find your true north: centered, strengthened and focusing on your self care.

Weekend of Wonder! May 31 - June 2

This Spiritually Eclectic Weekend offers interesting topics of Energy and Auras, Contact with the world unseen and your Inner Healer and Teacher.   Try it all and see what interests you most  

who is available at love of avery kind studio

Medium, Psychic Soul to Soul Intuitive, Nicole Newman By appointment info@loveofaverykind.com


Nicole is a natural psychic and medium, who came into the work professionally after the death of her own son Avery. This tragedy led her to fully immerse herself in the path of spirit communication. Through her own need to commune with her son, she honed the skills to reach the spirit world.  Through their souls communion, Nicole  has found peace and understanding, which she wishes to share with others who need some guidance on life's sometimes bumpy road.  Nicole will give you a wonderful reading that will  hopefully touch your deepest need at this time.   Connect with your  loved ones in spirit  or  into your own guidance and insight.

Nicole is offering  a year long Exponential Experience Program,  working with the same group of explorers ,  guiding a fantastic year of self development and empowerment  through personal aspects of the self and your spiritual evolution and abilities.   The year offers a variety of  weekend courses , by different  amazing teachers who specialize in each field.  Personal understanding, spiritual comradery,  Energetic awareness,  Engage with Your intuitive self,  Divine Self and Excellent Strategies to get the most out of your life and all you are.  Expect Psychic , Mediumship and Healing Development , as well as understanding energy and how to make it work for you.  Email for info:  info@loveofaverykind.com

Marc Lainhart , The Intuitive Prospector, May 31 Mediumship Demonstration 7pm- 9pm


  Through my career and much interaction with death and dying, including my own Near Death Experience (NDE) in  a river accident, being present and holding my grandma's hand at the  actual time of her passing, to the tragic loss of both my younger  brother, my older brother, and my father-in-law, I have been given a  front row seat to what society calls death. For those of us who work is  spirit, we call this "Discarnate" or existing without a physical body  or "Passing," which implies the movement from one state to another. Both  professionally and along with my personal experiences with death, the  discarnate and those who have passed on has created,  conditioned,   enhanced my passion to not only be in service to spirit, but to "Explore & Discover through Body, Mind and Spirit," of what is unknown or unseen and be the best messenger of spirit I can be, with the time I have left.   I "KNOW" and "FEEL" this life is not the end, but is really just "one leg of an awesome journey," and a true Soul Adventure! 

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Lucy Fenekoldt , Medium, Healer, Teacher ,Dancing With Spirit June 2


Lucy Fenekoldt  is  a Medium, Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer who has a passion for  assisting others in their own healing and obtaining peace on their  journey.  Lucy comes from a long lineage of strong intuitives who turned  her focus into developing what she had always sensed after a difficult  personal experience.   Lucy is extremely compassionate and cares a great  deal for each person she comes into contact with and feels honoured to  be part of your healing in any way she can be. She has had the  opportunity to learn from some of the most talented mediums including  recently completing a year long mentorship program with the brilliant  Mavis Pittilla.  Lucy is dedicated to her ongoing development to assist  others in her best way possible.   

Demonstration of Mediumship , May 31

An evening with Marc Lainhart,  full of Spiritual Conversations and  Connections .  This UK trained medium has an excellent ability to bring forward many loved ones from Spirit and will give a great evening to all who attend. 

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nice aura saturday workshop with marc june 1 9:30 - 2


"Nice Aura" Metaphysical Workshop with Marc Lainhart - The Intuitive Prospector™

This metaphysical workshop will explain the  concepts and science of the human aura, the Human Energy Field (HEF), a  brief meditation to connect to your own aura and many opportunities and  exercises to visually witness the colors of the aura first hand! Come  experience "Spiritual Awesomeness!"

Your aura or "antenna" is part of  the Human Energy Field (HEF) which is a direct manifestation of  universal energy that is intimately involved with human life. Some  describe the Aura as a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates  the physical body, emits its own characteristic radiation, (similar to a  running motor vehicle giving off exhaust) and can be seen in many  different colors, especially by people who are clairvoyant, sensitive or  have the gift of seeing another person's aura. Researchers and  scientists from around the world have long been fascinated with the  Human Energy Field and the direct correlation with the human aura. What  color is your aura? What kind of color and vibration does your aura give  off? Come find out...

"Nice Aura" will  have us exploring and discovering, beyond the 5 Senses in what I refer  to as "your spiritual equipment" or "the antennas of life"..... your  Aura. As we allow ourselves to develop new sensitivities, move well  beyond our "known" senses we begin to see the world around us in a  different light. We begin to pay more attention to aspects of our  experiences that might have seemed peripheral before. We find ourselves  using the new language to communicate our new experiences and adventures  with common terms like "that energy was great" I am getting a "bad  vibe" from this person, I "feel" that my friend is sick, or I just  "know" that to be the right decision. This is also known as your Auraic  energy. “ 

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Dancing With Spirit with lucy fenekoldt and nicole newman

Sunday June 2 Workshop 10-3 pm



Lucy Fenekoldt and Nicole Newman Teach Dancing With Spirit 

One Day Workshop Sunday June 2 10 am – 3 pm $75

Sunday will be focused on YOU! Join Lucy Fenekoldt and Nicole Newman for a day of inspiration 

and learning on a variety of topics. 

1. Meditation, Building you Spiritual Energy (sitting in the power), The presence of you Soul. 

2. Meeting Your Guides, Connecting on a Deeper Level, Building Your Bliss. Psychic and Mediumship Connections 

3. Healing, For Your Self and Others. 

4. Discussion on Further development Options 

Both Lucy and Nicole have a life long passion for Spirit and Service. Their Guidance in 

this fun day of exploration will open you up to many joyful experiences . The knowledge 

of our greater abilities is empowering and motivating. You will leave the workshop 

energized with the possibilities. 


lucy fenekoldt taught here in february here are reviews:




I was fortunate to be part of a workshop held at Love of Avery kind this past winter , called Journey of the Soul with Lucy and Chris! I have to say that I met the most wonderful group of people, all there for the same purpose, to uplift our selves and humanity and help spread the love and connect with our guides. I learned some big lessons when it comes to my own self worth and letting go of! The messages were very clear and much needed! We are all worth so much and we must always believe in our selves!! Thank you for reminding me of this and to let go of any attachments that are holding me back. I am forever grateful for my brother coming through for me, and he’s been with me ever since. The sense of peace I feel is quite phenomenal. Also the animal spirit which was presented to me is now showing up in all places! Thank you for reminding me, us, how protected and loved we all are! I will cherish this experience and the friendships that have been made! Love and Light always, Anna



I am absolutely delighted to have attended this workshop and would attend future workshops offered by Lucy and Chris. I was not sure what to expect but was simply amazed with how much was given to the participants in information and spiritual development exercises. The group work was fun and impressively effective. Lucy and Chris work very well together, they are extremely gifted, caring souls but are also light-hearted and generous in spirit.
> Blessings,
> Virginia Paquete

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The Weekend of Wonder is offered as individual events and workshops so you can attend what works for you..or all!

Dancing With Spirit Tix

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